Clarification on Amy-ITX availibility

Thank You all for the very positive response on the Amy project! We really appreciate it. We have received a lot of questions from users wanting to buy a complete system or a system without custom chips. And for now we do not take (pre)orders for Amy-ITX. Please refer to the FAQ here on

If and when we decide to launch a larger production run we’ll announce it! Thank you for your understanding and support!

Viva Amiga!

Go nuts, go wild – Go Public!

So we’ve been beating around the bush for far too long now.. It’s time to give all of you wonderful Amiga Enthusiasts a taste of the good stuff. Here you have it – a bit of info on the “Made in Sweden” MiniITX Amy motherboard.



Thanks for bearing with us during the launch. We really appreciate it! Oh, and if you have any questions, please write them down and store them in a safe place until we get things running, OK?

Documentation, build instructions, pictures and MCU firmware

We’ve updated the Support-section of this ‘members only’ homepage with links to the latest version of Amy Earlybird documentation, instructions and firmware download.

Please respect that as long as these pages are password protected all information and documentation on the site should be considered “for your eyes only”.

First few Amy-boards shipped!

We’re finally proud to announce that the first few PCB’s have been inspected and shipped to eager Earlybird Amiga builders! On blogs you can follow their progress in building a new generation of AmigaOS compatible systems!

Showcase at SyntaxSociety Summer Party

Friends, artists, coders, musicians, lamers, makers, builders and wannabees. Next stop: SyntaxSociety of Scania! Yes! We will be attending Skåne’s prime hackerspace this weekend – bringing with us both parts, pcb’s and complete systems for y’all to play with!

Details about the party can be found on

Are YOU one of the lucky 25 ?! Waiting for your PCB?? Come to Landskrona and pick it up!

See you all there!

/Stefan ‘shoe’ Nordlander

Earlybird sign up has ended. All seats are taken!

Not really a surprise on our part, the interest for the Amy-ITX was quite big. The first batch of 25 motherboards (PCB (+ components)) has now been allocated. If you haven’t recieved an email from us, unfortunately you were not fast enough. But do not dispair! There is still a chance someone of the first 25 will forgo their seat on the Retro Train Express.

Components are currently being sourced from various places in order to deliver complete systems to about 80% of the first batch. If you haven’t already registered for the Earlybird project over at make sure you do! This is where we discuss everything related to the Amy-ITX project.


PCB’s delivered, first quality test – OK!

Not even two weeks ago we announced that the first batch of Amy-ITX PCB’s were ordered and a few days ago they arrived. A first board have now been assembled and passed all quality and compability tests with flying colors.

Next up is allocating and ordering all components, including quite a few original Commodore custom chips. After we’ve sourced all the necessary parts we will contact everyone who expressed interest in the earlybird batch.

PCB’s are on the way!

As of yesterday an order of the first 25 fresh, gorgeous AMY motherboards was placed. It shouldn’t be long now before we can start the manufacturing process.

Good times ahead!

Amy-ITX – Safir Special

Nu kära vänner, efter ett mycket lyckat event @DATASTORM i februari har vi ett mindre antal kort kvar för reservation. Om DU är nyfiken på Amy-ITX och vill ha en försmak av detta minst sagt unika erbjudande – fyll i detta icke bindande Google Formulär (länk borttagen)

Som nämnt tidigare kommer första batchen endast bestå av 25st kort, till ett förmånligt pris(!) Så gå nu inte som katten kring het gröt utan anmäl ditt intresse IDAG. När ett pris är satt kommer du att kontaktas för att bekräfta din beställning. OBSERVERA endast 25 kort kommer att levereras initialt.