What silence???

Hi guys!

We’ve gotten a few questions from people who filled in the interest form back in February. Some of you are wondering IF you actually got on the list or not. Well – if you filled in the form and got a “Thank’s for your interest in Amy-ITX!” at the end – you’re on the list. Don’t worry.

As stated many times before, we’re not in the Rainmaking business. We’ve all got families, jobs and other priorities. Despite what many of you might wish – Amy is not our main priority. It’s a passion. And as with most passions the best way to kill it is to go ‘All Work and no Play’, so we’re focusing on a perfect product, enjoying ourselves and taking it slow.

With that said; we’re making good progress and thanks to the CNY we got some extra time for some final touch stuff and performance tests. Everything looks great! And you’re all going to be blown away with this little beauty.. In the meantime head over to our Gallery where I just uploaded a few new pics!

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