Status & Information update

Hi guys!

After a great summer we’re back on track and will be sending out verification and payment details to some of you today. So check your inboxes and shipping will proceed based on PayPal payment dates.

We would also like to express our gratitude to everyone who keeps supporting the project! We’re really looking forward to future projects and collaborations within the Amazing – Amiga Classic Hardware Community!

Last but not least a BIG congratulations to Spaceballs whom received a complete pre-built Amy-ITX & Friends Classic System at this years DATASTORM Summer Event!

3 Replies to “Status & Information update”

  1. Any chance of selling the board art so we can make our own AMY-ITX? I would love to buy 1 for my Checkmate 1500 Plus, but I missed the last sign up completely.

  2. Hi, i read about your project in amiga magazin “amiga forever”
    Is it possible to get on a list for the next batch? I could not find any open register form or a list on this site or safir-forum.

    Thanks in advance

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