Short status update and reminder to NOT send emails!

Season greetings friends!

I would just like to remind everyone that has received the payment info to *please* don’t send emails or post on forums asking if your money was received and when your boards will be shipped. IF you got a confirmation from PayPal and sent the money to this official address ( or used the PayPalMe link to me personally – your money is *safe* and as mentioned before we’re doing the very best we can.

I know from personal experience how hard it is to wait for something 🙂 But please understand that if I get 10 emails per week asking about components, delivery times, payment verification, etc. etc. etc. It will delay *your* shipment even further!

Please allow for 4-8 weeks for delivery. And check this webpage and post your questions at our community forum at as mentioned before.

Thank You and keep supporting the AMIGA! <3 

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