Meet Amy


My name is Amy. Do you like to play Classic games?

I do.

Based around the original custom chips of the Classic Amiga(tm) computer from Commodore(tm) I’m ready to run all your favorite Classic games and applications. My core design focuses on compatibility, stability and flexibility. My designer is an experienced hardware engineer and he started this project around 2010. Since then I’ve undergone some major design changes. Early boards were larger (ATX+) and based solely on through hole components. In the latest revision (they call me Amy-ITX now …) all non Commodore custom electronics are super small SMD (Surface-Mount Devices). Now I’m a standard Mini-ITX form factor. This not only makes me smaller in size (about 50%) but also cuts cost and makes me more environmentally friendly.

My friends and family have played with me for several years already. And thanks to my original components I don’t have to rely on emulation or programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). My design is quite elegant and compability is extremly high.