Short status update and reminder to NOT send emails!

Season greetings friends!

I would just like to remind everyone that has received the payment info to *please* don’t send emails or post on forums asking if your money was received and when your boards will be shipped. IF you got a confirmation from PayPal and sent the money to this official address ( or used the PayPalMe link to me personally – your money is *safe* and as mentioned before we’re doing the very best we can.

I know from personal experience how hard it is to wait for something 🙂 But please understand that if I get 10 emails per week asking about components, delivery times, payment verification, etc. etc. etc. It will delay *your* shipment even further!

Please allow for 4-8 weeks for delivery. And check this webpage and post your questions at our community forum at as mentioned before.

Thank You and keep supporting the AMIGA! <3 

Updated FAQ and short status update

Hi guys,

We’ve updated our FAQ with some details as well as to the ever repeating questions I get by mail, PM/DM and even text messages on my phone – “I missed the declaration of interest before. Is there any way I can get hold of a kit?”

Spoiler: Short answer: You can’t. Long answer – read the FAQ 🙂 

Common Questions and Answers

In the mean time we’re still shipping pcb kits albeit a bit slower than we’d hoped. But we’re investigating ways to optimize this as well.



Status & Information update

Hi guys!

After a great summer we’re back on track and will be sending out verification and payment details to some of you today. So check your inboxes and shipping will proceed based on PayPal payment dates.

We would also like to express our gratitude to everyone who keeps supporting the project! We’re really looking forward to future projects and collaborations within the Amazing – Amiga Classic Hardware Community!

Last but not least a BIG congratulations to Spaceballs whom received a complete pre-built Amy-ITX & Friends Classic System at this years DATASTORM Summer Event!

Short update and vacay

Hi guys!

Just wanted to give you a small update. Since the summer in Sweden have been a-mazing we’ve actually had better tings to do than working. But as always – everyone who has received payment-info via email have received their boards. To everyone waiting for confirmation – Thank You for your patience!

As a small teaser-update there’s been some pictures and rumors circulating regarding the P2 compatible super small “Amy-RTG card”. We’re still hunting down the publishers of these photos and rumors – but rest assured … Nah, I’m just kidding 🙂 Yes there’s a really cool RTG-card. I hope we’ll be able to let you have a go at it soon… [Watch this Space]

New technical documentation published

The documentation folder on Google Drive have been updated with the much anticipated technical manual and build docs. Please be aware that this is a “living” document and can be updated without notice. So make sure you’re using the latest online version.

(Access to these docs are granted at time of delivery of the Amy-ITX & Friends PCBs)

Documentation and inofficial Support Forum now available

As mentioned on our (not really) Support page an International Community Support forum is now available over at SAFIR (Swedish Amiga Forum).

(English Google Translated Link)
Documentation, BOM, firmware, etc. will be sent via email to everyone who has purchased any of our DIY PCB’s. A link will also be published over at SAFIR.
Thanks for your patience and continued enthusiasm!

If you build it, they will come…

As some of you already have noticed we’ve now begun shipping out the first Amy-ITX & Friends PCB’s. Everyone who declared interest will receive an email with payment details when it’s their turn. Now, since this is a manual and ‘best effort project it might take some time before everyone get their boards. But we’re confident you will be very pleased with the result of the hard work done by Mr.A.

Live Long and Prosper!

/Stefan ‘shoe’ Nordlander

What silence???

Hi guys!

We’ve gotten a few questions from people who filled in the interest form back in February. Some of you are wondering IF you actually got on the list or not. Well – if you filled in the form and got a “Thank’s for your interest in Amy-ITX!” at the end – you’re on the list. Don’t worry.

As stated many times before, we’re not in the Rainmaking business. We’ve all got families, jobs and other priorities. Despite what many of you might wish – Amy is not our main priority. It’s a passion. And as with most passions the best way to kill it is to go ‘All Work and no Play’, so we’re focusing on a perfect product, enjoying ourselves and taking it slow.

With that said; we’re making good progress and thanks to the CNY we got some extra time for some final touch stuff and performance tests. Everything looks great! And you’re all going to be blown away with this little beauty.. In the meantime head over to our Gallery where I just uploaded a few new pics!

Thank You!

Thank you all for showing interest in Amy-ITX. Under the current circumstances the application for the second batch is now closed. We’re looking forward to watching this amazing and dedicated community bringing Amy to life.

Everyone who declared interest in Amy-ITX will receive details on how to confirm your order.

Thanks again! YOU make Amiga GREAT!