New technical documentation published

The documentation folder on Google Drive have been updated with the much anticipated technical manual and build docs. Please be aware that this is a “living” document and can be updated without notice. So make sure you’re using the latest online version.

(Access to these docs are granted at time of delivery of the Amy-ITX & Friends PCBs)

Documentation and inofficial Support Forum now available

As mentioned on our (not really) Support page an International Community Support forum is now available over at SAFIR (Swedish Amiga Forum).

(English Google Translated Link)
Documentation, BOM, firmware, etc. will be sent via email to everyone who has purchased any of our DIY PCB’s. A link will also be published over at SAFIR.
Thanks for your patience and continued enthusiasm!

If you build it, they will come…

As some of you already have noticed we’ve now begun shipping out the first Amy-ITX & Friends PCB’s. Everyone who declared interest will receive an email with payment details when it’s their turn. Now, since this is a manual and ‘best effort project it might take some time before everyone get their boards. But we’re confident you will be very pleased with the result of the hard work done by Mr.A.

Live Long and Prosper!

/Stefan ‘shoe’ Nordlander

What silence???

Hi guys!

We’ve gotten a few questions from people who filled in the interest form back in February. Some of you are wondering IF you actually got on the list or not. Well – if you filled in the form and got a “Thank’s for your interest in Amy-ITX!” at the end – you’re on the list. Don’t worry.

As stated many times before, we’re not in the Rainmaking business. We’ve all got families, jobs and other priorities. Despite what many of you might wish – Amy is not our main priority. It’s a passion. And as with most passions the best way to kill it is to go ‘All Work and no Play’, so we’re focusing on a perfect product, enjoying ourselves and taking it slow.

With that said; we’re making good progress and thanks to the CNY we got some extra time for some final touch stuff and performance tests. Everything looks great! And you’re all going to be blown away with this little beauty.. In the meantime head over to our Gallery where I just uploaded a few new pics!

Thank You!

Thank you all for showing interest in Amy-ITX. Under the current circumstances the application for the second batch is now closed. We’re looking forward to watching this amazing and dedicated community bringing Amy to life.

Everyone who declared interest in Amy-ITX will receive details on how to confirm your order.

Thanks again! YOU make Amiga GREAT!


Go Big or go home

Time really flies when you’re having fun. And this in itself is a testament to what we are doing. Can you imagine that to the day one year ago we posted the first news about Amy-ITX?! The feedback so far have been overwhelming.

So it is with GREAT PLEASURE we hereby announce the availability of another batch Amy-ITX boards!


The process will be similar as the last time.. You simply declare interest by entering your details on the link below.  This is most lightly the last batch produced by us. The signup process will be open for 4 weeks, starting today! After four weeks we will place the order and you will be contacted with payment details.

Also, please note – for so many reasons this is a DIY project! What you get is a main PCB, a CHIP RAM PCB and the BOM (list of components) as well as all documentation needed to build your very own Amiga Compatible Home Computer. If you have any questions regarding this, please see our FAQ. We will do our very best to answer any and all questions on the Swedish Amiga Community forum. But we do not offer any kind of official “support”. However our community is growing and members are among the most friendly, experienced and skilled you can hope to meet.

Details and prices are available on this Google Forms interest declaration (

Meet my friends!

A year ago we teased you with a very slim yet High Performance 68030 Accelerator …

And today – it’s here for everyone to enjoy!

As a unique offer together with the second batch Amy-ITX boards – We now have the great pleasure to offer you the ultimate Classic combo between compatibility and performance! Mr.A’s design outperforms all equivalent accelerators on the market. (Sysinfo CPU) (Sysinfo IDERemember – we’re not here to compete or step on any toes. We all love and respect the hard work done by everyone in this passionate niche market!

Motorola 68030@50MHz, 6MB 32-bit Autoconfig, DMA, FAST RAM. Super fast buffered and bootable IDE Controller.

Like Amy – this card is more than hardware – It’s Art!

And the fun doesn’t stop there! We’re also making the Ultra Slim 10MBit Network card available. Your new favorite home computer has never been this slick, compatible and connected! Both these DIY-KITs will be available together with the awesome Amy-ITX motherboard. The same principle applies – signup is open for 4 weeks – starting TODAY!

The custom super slim Network card perfect for Amy-ITX!

So, what are you waiting for!? Signup is OPEN! 

Amy-ITX creator receives AmiGBG Award 2018

While it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to most of us – the humble designer of the Amy sure didn’t expect this kind of appreciation and excitement.

Yesterday the AmiGBG Team announced that a special edition of their rare and prestigious award would go to our very own ‘Mr.A’ for “his astonishing creativity and passion ..” [including] “the Amy project, a product based around the original custom chips of the classic Amiga computer from Commodore.”

Mr.A: “This is a great honor for me. I simply don’t know what to say …”


Commodore is dead. Long live the AMIGA!

Too many times have we heard the phrase that portrays this post. Too many times have we been told to wait two more weeks. The AMIGA has become synonymous with fantasies, dreams and vapourware.


Well, NO MORE! As can be seen far and wide in Amiga Land regular people like you and me – heroes and enthusiasts with nothing but passion and love to fuel their creativity, keep breaking the trend and deliver quality hardware against all odds. Big words indeed, but we just happen to be a proud part of this growing community of makers and creators. And I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to wish you all a Happy New Year – and invite you to join us on an exiting journey as we boldly step into a new year – without promises, teasers or hot air.

Gothenburg, Sweden, Welcome 2018!

But make no mistake. We. Are. BackIn fact we never left.

Earlybird Statups Update

First off I’d like to personally say thank you to everyone who’s contacted us and expressed an interest in the Amy-ITX project! It means a lot and helps motivate further development and reaching our first important milestone.

Delivering the first 25 Earlybird boards!

I’m happy to tell you that we’re about half way through our first journey. We’ve already seen Amy surface at different events, parties and news sites around Europe. Thanks to all of you, especially our good friends at A-Eon for their continued commitment to the Amiga Community!